Belozerov SP Font


Belozerov SP is a display typeface inspired by the logo of the newspaper “Pravda” from Gennady Belozerov’s “Glasnost” poster of 1988 and the style of similar fonts, in particular Rennie Mackintosh, Strong Glasgow, Rivanna, etc.

The poster was timed to coincide with the formal launch of the policy of glasnost at the 19th Conference of the CPSU in 1988. At the visual level, the artist created a complex symbolic and metaphorical combination: the newspaper Pravda, as the main organ of ideological propaganda of communism, becomes an instrument of democratization. A blank newspaper page and a pencil seem to encourage the viewer to write his truth.

It is difficult to accurately determine the author and the time of development of the Pravda newspaper logo; there is no information about this in open sources. However, it is known that already in May 1919 the shape of the symbols of this logo was similar to modern ones. The logo received its final design in the 1920s, becoming more strict and acquiring an Art Nouveau style.

Examples of using:

• Cover of a podcast about modern art
• Advertising poster for a jazz club
• Logo for a jewelry store
• Wedding invitation in the style of The Master and Margarita
• Packaging for chocolates with liqueur