AU School Handwriting Fonts


The AU School Handwriting Fonts are an English language, OpenType, variable typeface family designed specifically to meet Australian Education standards. While weights, widths and optical sizes were carefully crafted to work well in an Australian classroom environment, they are just as comfortable to read and work with in the home environment.

AU School Handwriting Fonts ranges in weights from 400 to 700, making them useful for print media as well. Default versions of the fonts come with OpenType features to aid in transitional stages between learning basic handwriting to the initial cursive stage. Each font contains every possible character produced by an English language keyboard, including common math symbols used by Australian students from Years 1 to 4.

The regular weight of the font family is intended to imitate the pencil thickness of actual handwriting, however the scalability of the fonts enables them to be widely varied according to intended usage.

The fonts can also be used in software that supports OpenType Fonts (such as Adobe products or Mac's native Pages application) to make full use of alternate glyphs for precursive variations.

Additionally, AU School Handwriting Fonts are purposefully designed with minimal under and over shoot at Cap Height, X-Height, Baseline and Descender, making them perfect for use by teachers. Adjusting the fonts to fit dotted thirds pre-ruled mediums can be achieved using Adobe products.