Atsalia Font


Atsalia is a handwritten font made, based on my handwriting. Since I was young I considered my letters not so "refined" and for this reason I try because of the profession (graphic design) to practice on fonts, see things, draw and study some stuff.

I named it Atsalia for the above reason as well as because it is something handwritten and "rushed", let's say something uncool. This font is free for anyone and free to use in any application you want and see fit to use it.

The reason why it is free is because as a graphic designer I had quite a hard time choosing fonts and finding them with Greek characters, so through the Fontself program and Adobe illustrator, I try to create fonts and give them to colleagues and non-colleagues, so I can help them.

With all due respect to font professionals who are much more experienced than I in this area I would like to make it clear that the fonts you will see like this, are not for "long text" use but for use, perhaps in some words only, like in logos or in some poster for title etc. I hope you like it and use it, I will be happy.