Andada Typeface


Andada is a text font with an organic-slab serif, hybrid style, a solid design of medium stroke contrast. The typeface comes in Regular and Bold weights with matched Italics. It is a type for text written in Guaraní and Spanish.

The main goal of its design is not reducing a culture to an aesthetic fact. The pusó, an inter vowel sign that the Guaraní language uses similar to an apostrophe, was designed in consonance with the vowels and, from this sign, the diacritics (which Guaraní heavily uses) were designed. The digraphs were created by pairs, instead of designing them as ligatures. Particular attention was paid to the diacritics design so they could have a great performance in languages where its use is frequent.

Ananda font has received an award at the Ibero-America Design Biennial.