Amiamie Typeface


Amiamie is a typeface imagined between friends and inspired by the classic Helvetica. *

The Amiamie master has been designed so that you can write sweet words to each other in italic, regular, black or black italic.

Amiamie is a font for all authors and poets who wish to be the new inclusive heroes of free writing.

Amiamie is also for those who are happy and proud to represent themselves in a non-binary linear.

*Amiamie extends the history of a well-known lineal typeface: Helvetica. First named Neue Haas Grotesk (being the variation of Akzidenz-Grotesk) it took its final name in 1960. Fifty years later, Christian Schwartz digitized the original fonts of Max Miedinger to rename the typefaces under their original name .
In 2014, Sora Sagano was inspired by this whole line to create Aileron and distributed it in open source, free of rights. Mirat-Masson then appropriates it to augment it with non-binary glyphs.