Alpha Lyrae Font


Alpha Lyrae is a typeface that personalizes the innovative mindset of VEGA.

It shows the cutting-edge impact on the trading process and the arising freedom unlocked by the power of blockchain technology. Unlike the calm horizontal terminals of the well-known Helvetica, our first proposal visualises terminal cuts following the natural stroke of the letters. This allows a significant increase in the letter apertures for efficient legibility. Moreover, it hints at the inclusiveness and transparency of this novel invention to the community across the world. Another noteworthy feature is the emphasised edgy terminals. They stir the classic appearance of Helvetica associated with old-fashioned concepts of many financial institutions out there and challenge us to think beyond the status quo. It’s safe to say, this proposal takes the best out of both worlds — the trustful reliable shapes of Helvetica and the critical rebellious ideas of modern visionaries.

Alpha Lyrae contains one basic set of sans serif glyphs as a default option and four other stylistic sets (SS01—SS05) with pixelated letters, numerals and punctuations:

  • SS01 — the first pixelated set of letters with unique structure.
  • SS02 — the second pixelated set of letters with unique structure.
  • SS03 — the glitched version of SS01.
  • SS04 — the glitched version of SS02.
  • SS05 — another pixelated set with displaced pixels for a feeling of motion.

There are seven sans serif ligatures and their respective pixelated representation, as SS01. The selected ligatures follow the most frequent digraphs seen in the English language.