Alma Virgo Font


Alma Virgo is a decorative display font inspired by two Milanese inscriptions from the 14th century (one on the bell tower of San Gottardo in Corte and one on the Loggia degli Osii). The name Alma Virgo derives from the beginning of the 1336 inscription on the bell tower of San Gottardo in Corte.

Alma Virgo font captures the essence of medieval Italian craftsmanship, offering a harmonious blend of historical grace and timeless sophistication. The letterforms are delicately crafted, drawing from the refined serifs and distinctive shapes that adorned the inscriptions of the time.

Perfect for projects that demand a touch of medieval elegance, Alma Virgo font is your go-to font for designing cards, historical literature, or any work where you seek to channel the charm of 14th-century Italian inscriptions.