Agila Typeface


AGILA is a typeface based on the colorful hand-cut sticker letterings of the Philippine Jeepneys. Commonly seen on jeepney headers, these stickers are one of the prominent visual element of the iconic public ride. AGILA (Eagle) is commonly displayed on the jeepney headers in the form of stylized wings on both sides, symbolizing the act of soaring when the jeepney is in motion. This typeface also has an accent that resembles an eagle’s beak which adds a distinct characteristic.

"This typeface is heavily inspired by my grandfather who is a former jeepney driver and my father who used to be a sign maker. This is a tribute not only to these two men but also to the Filipino’s hustle and struggle most especially our jeepney drivers whose livelihood is being threatened right now."

AGILA comes with 1 regular and three (3) alternate styles for your design needs