Aboensis Font

Originalets LIBRIS-nummer: 19103186 [6900001] & signum: HS B 172

Aboensis is a cursive book hand based on Codex Aboensis that it a medieval book of laws written in Sweden during the 1430s. Since all relevant characters do not occur in the text, some other roughly contemporary sources were also consulted. The most important of those was the cartulary Register Ecclesia Aboensis that was started in the 1480s.

Aboensis is intended mainly for emulating medieval manuscripts and has secondary use as a display font. Because medieval cursive is very difficult to understand for modern readers, Aboensis is not suitable for general purpose use.

Aboensis font has a large number of symbols that were in use in the 15th century but fell out of use during the early modern period. These symbols can be accessed either using ligature substitutions or by enabling suitable OpenType features. The general approach is that abbreviation substitutions are written inside brackets.

The font has also features that allow highlighting capital characters with drawing different colored strikes over them. This highlighting is controlled with OpenType Features that are described in the documentation.