Aušrinė Font


Aušrinė is a display typeface based on Lithuanian folklore with a cosmic look that blends circles, sun and stars. It was designed without thinking much about its functionality and focused on aesthetics instead.

Aušrinė (pronounced oh-sh-r-i-n-eh), is the morning star and deity of the dawn that descends and rises above the horizon. According to Lithuanian traditions Aušrinė had an adulterous relationship with the moon god Mėnuo.

In-keeping with the font’s folkloric roots, Aušrinė is proudly Lithuanian. The letterforms are boxy, minimalistic, mechanical and hard to read that creates a sense of otherworldliness.

The numerals also use the circular sun-like form. An extra twist: try typing all the numbers in a row, and you will see beautiful comet on your screen.

With its bold, unapologetic forms, Aušrinė feels like an ideal font for uses such as headlines or even logotypes.