Jakob Font


Jakob is a stable, playful, versatile font inspired by the first geometric typeface created by Jakob Erbar in the 1920s, thus preceding Renner's Futura. Based on an interpretation published around 1970 by the house of Georges Morel and Europe Gras √Čtroit by Deberny Peignot, Jakob embodies a re-evaluation of the model through a titling character that is both simple and flexible.

Jakob's letterforms are characterized by clean lines, geometric precision, and a balanced structure. This font maintains a classic yet versatile aesthetic, making it suitable for a diverse range of applications, from editorial layouts to branding and beyond.

Whether used for headlines, body text, or digital interfaces, Jakob font embodies the enduring appeal of early 20th-century geometric typography. Its versatility and stability make it an ideal choice for designers seeking a reliable and timeless typeface that seamlessly integrates into various design contexts.