DIY Fantasy Stamp Typeface


DIY Fantasy Stamp is a display typeface inspired by the crafts of 20s and 40s. The basis for this authentic stamp font was a letter case with a rubber stamp from Simplex.

Free version includes 5 font-styles (Sharp, Dirty, Rough, Invert, Heavy) with reduced glyph-set.

The full family comes with 546 glyphs (Adobe Latin 3) incl. decorative extras like icons, arrows, dingbats, emojis, symbols, geometric shapes, catchwords, decorative ligatures (type the word #LOVE for ❤ or #SMILE for ☺ as OpenType-Feature dlig) and stylistic alternates (4 stylistic sets).

DIY Fantasy Stamp For use in logos, magazines, posters, advertisement plus as webfont for decorative headlines. The font works best for display size.