Auber Typeface


Auber is a revival, completely redrawn, of Bohemian Type, a metal typeface found in Printing Machinery and Material (Miller & Richard, 1902). Auber is a sans serif display font which expanded to 3 weights, Medium, SemiBold and Bold.

Auber typeface would be most useful in poster, advertising, logo, headline, signage and greeting card design, especially when an elegant feel is desired.

The hype in the catalog mentioned above is interesting: “Departures from the conventional has been attempted in the Bohemian Type. In the designing and cutting our desire has been to secure clarity combined with individuality…yet possessing the freedom of the pen of the Artist without obtruding any offensive mannerisms.”

In the author's opinion, they accomplished this. It is a beautifully designed font, sprinkled with unexpected shapes that give a text an extra vitality and glamour. In a word, pizazz. Take note especially of the “a”, “b”, “e”, “p”, and the alternate “q”.

Auber named after the French 19th-century composer of operas and operettas, Daniel-François-Esprit Auber.